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Rail Nation Game Description

Build your own online Rail Empire in this new game by Travian Games. Rail Nation is a free to play browser game, with great graphics that you (the player) will take control of a rail company and build the most efficient railroad routes, deliver goods in demand, research new technologies and upgrade your train station, and team up with other player’s associations to expand your influence even more.



It becomes clear when you play Rail Nation game that what you are looking at is a railroad simulator, the graphics are excellent for a browser game and the gameplay is fun. If you are a fan of trains Rail Nation is going to keep you busy for a long time. There are many variables play a role in the success of your railroad designs, you must build the fastest routes to deliver the goods and get cash to buy new trains and expand your reach.

The first time you start to play Rail Nation game, you’ll need to choose a customize an avatar, and also the city you want to settle your rail company in, and only then you’ll be able to start build your rail empire and trade with industries located in the city you’ve chosen. But don’t worry if the game sounds too complicated, there is a thoroughly tutorial that will walk you through all the basics and inform you how the game works, this tutorial is not boring and will make sure you understand all the features of Rail Nation.


Play Rail Nation Game Free!

Your main goal in Rail Nation is to acquire gold, connect your city to other cities around you with railroads, find out which goods are in high demand in those cities and factories, and then deliver in the right time. There are over 48 different goods available for cities and processing industries, and it’s part of your job to make sure they get what they need, when they want it.

You start with a village, a very basic train station, and steam train, but there are 7 eras in the game. You can buy new engines, trains, construct and upgrade buildings, optimize with upgrades and more. As you play the game and level up to a new era, more contents like extra routes and special bonus will be made available. The way to know if you’re doing well in the game, is by accumulating prestige, which is the score used to grade the users in game’s leaderboard.

Overall Rail Nation is a lot of fun not only for fans of trains or railroads, but for those who like time management games, since you’ll need to create schedules for your trains to drop and pick-up goods from other places. Rail Nation is more fun because you can chat with other players in real time, get insight, and even have private conversations with a particular player instead of the whole chat room.


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